Our Brands

Inspiration to the Future

The Golden Brands we build and the experiences we create, live at the intersection of clarity and surprise. They are positioned in a matter to interact through shared values and ideals in the culture.

Simplicity concept of our Golden Brands is connected to people and their Needs and Wants.

    After years of its foundation, Bugatti Universal.co is world leader in the luxury furnishing and decoration sector. A byword for elegance and style m it stems from living dream of a warm, harmonious , highly comfortable and sophisticated environment .
     Whether you are thinking of building a new hotel or pre-opening planning of your existing one, you are here in the right place to start with our new concepts that will rich your ideas and make your dreams of having an extraordinary hospitality experience for your guests comes true.
     Forget about the traditional hotel industry approach, and turn your hotel into a winning success story, we strive to challenge the old fashion ideas and styles by establishing one of the best concepts that includes the beauty and best practice out of it especially when it comes to exterior look and feel of the designs that we applied on the exterior of the hotel, the luxurious look mixed with elegancy and beauty, you can smell the scent of new modernism with the light touches of classic look giving the feeling of stepping between the past and future, heading into the main gate passing under the huge arch moving between two parallel landscape scene down to the hotel doors.
    The highly trained staff are qualified enough to complete the nice feeling that you got to welcome you lime a king not as a guest, you might be wandering where to look, to the symmetry of the columns and reception or to the huge artistic mirrors on the wall, having a five minutes diving in the lobby couch sinks the original taste of coffee will take you in a journey of luxury and simplicity.
    Walking to the elevators enclosed with the light music and the beautiful atmosphere, heading to your room enjoying the charming lights to enter your suite to realize that everything you’ve seen from the time you stepped in this place is just an Introductory start about the real atmosphere of this astonishing space of staying, here exactly where you wanted to be, maybe you’ve dreamed of having this moment before but you just don’t remember, it’s kind of dream or even more it might be the reflection of your desires and here we make it true to live it, enjoy it with the perfection of everything starting from the elegance of the design to the high neat material and products, the touch of wood to the classy glasses designs, walking to move the heavy curtains allowing the sunshine to Reflected on the metal pieces of the mirror.
    We have more and more to say about this brand, but in order to get exactly what we want to explain, we just invite you to have a cup of coffee with us to start translating your desires into something real goes behind your expectations.


The art of simplicity is a mystery of excellence
Beautiful interior designs are comfortable for the senses.
And inspired by the beauty of the Damascus roses.
Design is more than just an appeal to the eye;
Is a fireplace and a window that represents natural contact points that can be created with a dynamic piece of art.?


In character, in manner, in style and in all the supreme excellence is simplicity.
     We manufacture made to measure furniture, creating marquetryies, special pieces and decorations for a unique structure, tailored in accordance with the client’s needs.
     We give you the chance to leave the standards aside. The craftsmen workshops and laboratories that we work with allow us to create unique projects which combine the latest in design elements with the tradition of craft techniques.


More Brands Coming Soon