Hospitality Provider

Dandelion hospitality provider is an online wholesale provider specialized in all products of hospitality business, owned by DANDELION based in Turkey.

Dandelion Hospitality Provider, provides a wide range of physical products for luxury hotels, unique and specialty hotels, lifestyle resorts, full-service hotels, boutique hotels, economy and extended stay hotels and lifestyle residence.

Dandelion provides a wide range of products that cover all hotel essentials and needs such as Bedroom, Bathroom, Housekeeping, reception, kitchen &Dining, and Food &Drink …etc.

We as a global company manage the quality, quantity, and uniqueness of our products and services for such a crucial field of business, and to make that real and achievable, we work continuously with our partners on upgrading knowledge, researches and our client’s experiences to develop our services globally.

As we believe that hospitality business requires very attentive and royal services and treatments, therefore we build with our partners a Full Royal Luxurious cycle of hospitality services, so we can achieve a harmonious and consistent package of hospitality services.